OMG the world is becoming a scary place! We are having to dig deep inside of ourselves to stay strong in what sometimes feels like overwhelming odds.

Recognise the Need to Reach Out

We are not feeling safe anymore, the threat of terror and mass immigration across the world are raising our stress levels deep inside of us. We are having huge concerns about losing our jobs and our homes, which here in New Zealand for many is becoming a reality. Some of us are feeling powerless to change our environments. I feel like people are either becoming more selfish or they are recognizing that we need to start reaching out and helping each other as we never have before.

While writing the above paragraph, I thought to myself ‘anything I write about overcoming doom and gloom and staying strong is going to sound so trite and middle class in light of how bad some people’s lives are’. I can only write out of my own experience and environment. To presume to write out of anything else would be at the least mildly arrogant.

I volunteer at my local Foodbank so I have the opportunity to see how tough and soul-destroying life can get for some. My following thought was that those of us who live in the western world who can still eat every day and have a decent roof over our heads can help to make the rest of the world a better place. I think at times about my grandson and what his world will be like when he is a grown man and what challenges he and his children will have to face.

Changing the World One at a Time

Many years ago I worked for a union. A women union organiser on staff tackled me one day for not being militant enough about how I changed the world and for not going on all the marches. She was a big picture person. My reply to her was that “I made a stranger smile and feel better while I was walking down the street in my lunch hour. Does that not count?” We all at every level can make a difference. In this crazy world, we are living in right now, everything you do to make someone else’s world brighter is huge.

To Stay Strong Takes Courage

For each of us personally, it can at times be incredibly difficult to not give in to that fear and the mass hysteria the media sometimes want us to come under.

  • We cannot give into those fears for then darkness will have won.
  • We must not borrow worry and what if’s. They may never come to pass. We human beings have a huge capacity to overcome adversity.
  • We must not isolate ourselves out of that fear but keep reaching out to those around us, building community and safety with people we trust, remembering that it is people that matter most. Stay strong together.
  • Sometimes we have to stand with our courage and face into the wind that is trying to blow us over; we have to take a stand and make a difference in whatever capacity we can.
  • We have to know what we value, know what is right and good, and influence the sphere around us.
  • We must reach out and help one another – emotionally and physically – linking arms and say ‘hey, I’m here, what can I do to help’.
  • We must not let overwhelm take us out. Fight to have faith and fight to keep hope. Stay strong. Cherish and preserve the good things.

As I stated above, this article is not meant to be trite and shallow. People around the world face overwhelming odds and us humans are not always doing a good job of lessening them. BUT we can help the one, we can overcome the SCARY by dispelling some of the darkness in even a small way. This gives us hope. This shows others there is still goodness around them.

In using our strength for the benefit of others we become stronger and the world becomes a better place with better people.

I would love to hear your thoughts about all this.

Kia Kaha, kia toa (Be Brave, Be Strong)