Life Coach and Small Business Mentor Services

Having a life coach and a small business mentor is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your life. Affordable coaching and mentoring can move you into a life of success and fruitfulness. It is always a win and never a loss. You may only need 2 or 3 get togethers to move you into a proactive and motivated position that shifts you to where you want to go.

If your coaching and mentoring needs require more than this, we will work with you to create a package that accomplishes your goals as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

  • Prices are GST inclusive.
  • Personal coaching appointments payable at end of session.
  • Business invoices payable within 7 days
  • Some resources provided may incur a small charge to cover cost
  • NOTE: Once an appointment has been made and an agreement to coach is in place, a $25 per hour charge will be payable for any session preparation work carried out by me, should you then cancel that appointment and don’t wish to have any further coaching. 

I OFFER A FREE 20 MINUTE PHONE CALL to chat about your needs and find out if we’re a good fit as coach and client. 


$85 x 1 Hour

One hour of ‘you’ centered conversation coaching, strategy and action plans. Our focus is to bring you clarity and proactive change to your goals or current life challenges. My style is very relaxed and conversational. 



$230 x 3 one hour sessions

This 3 session package* is especially for women who want to address an area of their personal growth. Perhaps you are struggling with confidence or self esteem issues, want to discover your passions and purpose in life, or need help working through a change in your life. We will work together on your specific area and give you proactive strategies to help you move forward. 

*Terms and conditions apply


$170 x 2 Hours

A one on one regular monthly mentoring/coaching session to keep you accountable and on track with your goals. Monthly mentoring gives you the opportunity to regularly review your progress, discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions together. Holistically this includes your personal and any family challenges and working to create order out of your chaos. Includes reasonable email and phone access during the month. 


$120 x 90 Minutes

If you’re someone who thrives on regular accountability and motivation to keep you focused on your growth and action goals, and loves having someone to brainstorm with, then this option is perfect for you. Phone calls and emails between appointments are included. 


$150 First Coaching Session (up to 2 hours)*

Perfect for small businesses who need help starting up, growing or getting your foundations and systems working properly. I take an holistic approach which means your personal and family life are all taken into consideration where relevant. We work together to empower you both personally and professionally. This includes pre appointment preparation and research. 

*Ongoing casual mentoring $110 x 1 hour 

personal coaching

Call or text me now on Ph 027 635 7107 to book your free introductory chat or first coaching appointment and begin to create the changes you want in your life or business.