You’ve set your goals for the week and determined to knock out that To Do List. You’re on track and about midweek it just all feels too much, you’ve lost the plot, procrastination has kicked in and overwhelm has taken control.


The solution is different for all of us. We have different work styles, body clocks, and motivators that help us stay on target achieving our goals for the week, so not every solution works for all.  As with my blog How to Lessen Your Exhaustion and Sleep Better this one is also based on a very long Facebook post of real comments and solutions from women who struggle with overwhelm at times.

What Sets Overwhelm Off

Usually overwhelm kicks in for several reasons and there may be more than listed here:

  • when we’re tired
  • when we’ve lost our direction or next step
  • when we don’t have the resources to do things quickly (especially if you can’t afford to outsource)
  • when the lists are just too long
  • we’re disorganised
  • simply don’t have enough hours in the day

Our reasons for overwhelm may not be a simple fix and may require a rethink about our family needs, lifestyle and priorities.

But here are some of the solutions women have found helpful:

  1. Create a process and methods that work for you to achieve your tasks
  2. Do small tasks first, use different colors for different tasks
  3. Create a ‘what I can do now list’ (you can download a free one here)
  4. Use a whiteboard to plan out your day’s work hour by hour
  5. Make sure you get enough sleep!
  6. Don’t multitask more than you have to unless you’re a real whiz at it
  7. Use software that provides good workflow planning for you
  8. Get off Facebook!
  9. Outsource what you can afford to – sometimes we just have to bite the bullet.
  10. Don’t be sidetracked by bling programs and other shiny internet objects. Sometimes a simple method works just as well. The software can be more time consuming than helpful sometimes.
  11. Check your expectations of yourself. Make sure you’re not asking too much or measuring yourself against others.
  12. Use a planner – washi tape, stickers, color pens, color coding etc
  13. Turn your phone off.
  14. Cook for two or three nights.
  15. Time chunk your tasks in your calendar
  16. Work to your body clock.
  17. Have boundaries around demands on your time and interruptions
  18. Have a regular accountability meeting with a coach or business mentor.
  19. Focus on what you are doing now, not what needs to be done ahead.
  20. Split your day into task types.
  21. Eat well, exercise.
  22. Take a mind shift break. Go focus on something uplifting, refreshing and completely different for 15 minutes.
  23. Take the time to plan your week out. Time chunk tasks into your diary, include chores, kids activities etc.

3 Biggest Keys to Beating Overwhelm

I believe the three biggest keys to beating overwhelm are these:

  • Be clear about family needs and priorities and the values around your time expenditure. Be ruthless. Count the cost of what you’re doing and then make your choice.
  • Plan ahead, have a process that works for you, stick to it.
  • Healthy food, exercise, and nourishing your soul.

Does any of the above resonate with you? Perhaps the next step is to set some time aside to revisit the causes and emotions that bring overwhelm upon you. Make any changes that are required and be committed to them.

We don’t always see ourselves clearly and having another perspective can bring us real breakthrough solutions. Having an accountability partner or coach provides you another point of view and someone to bounce off and brainstorm with. Let me help you do that. I provide a free 20-minute phone call to help you get started.

Be kind to yourself.


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