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Over the last two years of owning our own business, there were times we thought we would not survive the stress, or each other, but we discovered that the world is full of

good people and they come when you need them the most.

When you’re in business you can feel terribly isolated, and most people are unwilling or unable to stand beside you through the grotty bits because they don’t know what to do with you.

Enter stage left an amazing man (we shall call him Mark) who has become a treasured friend. This wonderful man went out of his way once or twice a month just to visit us at work, have a coffee, listen to our woes and confusion, encourage us and provide some solutions that helped us. He didn’t have to do that.  He truly was a life saver for us. He saw us through the grotty bits and the eventual sale of our business.

I was so grateful and appreciative that Mark connected so well with my husband who was carrying the burden the most, as our men do, when they are our sole providers and protection.  I had my friends who supported me, but there are times when our partners need someone outside of the relationship they can share with. Mark did this for us.  It took the pressure off me.  I realised I’ve probably never properly thanked him for that.

A few days ago Mark came to visit.  He was having some down time. He had come to chill out and have a beer with my husband.  You see Mark is going through an extremely sad and difficult situation at the moment, and now it is our turn and our privilege to be there for him as he was for us.  All we can provide him is a listening ear, friendship, a place of distraction and safety, a place of some normality if you like in the midst of what has become an abnormal life.

I so admire Mark.  He is such a gracious man, and despite his own troubles, he is just as generous with his care and friendship for us now as he was several years ago.  He is good people – and the world needs more of us to become like him.

As I was reflecting on his last visit, I realised there are some amazing life lessons we can learn from Mark.

  • There are good people in the world
  • We should always pay it forward whenever we have the opportunity
  • Down the track, we never know when those who’ve helped us may need our help
  • In the midst of troubles, loving relationships strengthen us and help the world to make sense
  • We cannot be islands, we need other people
  • We cannot be everything to our partners, they need others too
  • Never underestimate the difference being good people can make to someone else.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that this year is the year of relationships.  Let’s be good people for each other this year.

What has been the most appreciated support you have received from someone else at a crucial time in your life? How did it make you feel?

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