Losing My First Love

I veered away from my first love and this blog is the story of the frustration and the mini meltdown I had three weeks ago that has been coming for a while.

first love

Yes, that’s me and my girls (you can tell they’re mine, can’t you?), along with my hubby the most important people in the world to me. I do however have another first love and that is helping women to rock their world.

For three years I have been coaching and mentoring women and small business owners and running the odd workshop. It’s been a challenge trying to grow a business. One of the biggest challenges for me was learning how to build a business and promote it through social media. It did and continues to drive me spare. If I didn’t have to use Facebook ever again I wouldn’t.

But for my first love… It constantly pokes me between the eyes. It provokes me on the inside like a hunger that won’t go away. It keeps me dissatisfied with the smallness of my world and invites me to engage with it when it speaks to me from my laptop. I love it. I just hate having to jump through hoops to do something as simple as connect with people who create a raging passion in my heart and colour my dreams.

Wisdom of My Daughter

So increasingly, I have become frustrated with my small audience of one on one and the energy required to attain that. My daughter said something a couple of weeks ago that has been haunting me ever since.  It was this…’Mum you have spent years with the one to one, now it’s time to speak to the group’.

Fiona Dieleman

Last week I came to a total point of frustration and realised that something had to change. I wasn’t loving what I was doing. It was starting to stress me out. I did what all good coaches do and rang my coach, and consulted with a couple of wise friends.

My conclusion after facing up to reality and letting go of all the effort I had put in so far, was to realise that I had veered away from my first love and had buried myself in trying to build a business. I needed to go back to what drives me from the inside, and it is this.

I am a connector. I love loving on people and being of service to them. I’m passionate about being there for women who want to kick ass and have the best life they can. I’m an activator, a catalyst for change in people’s lives. I carry an ability to help others see from different perspectives, and paint pictures of possibilities with my words.

I had let building a business become my driving force instead of the people I was trying to making a difference to. My first love is you, the women who read my blogs and engage in my Facebook group. You are the ones who have challenges you need help to overcome, businesses you need support with, relationships that are difficult, dreams and goals you want to achieve. My first love is to be a part of helping you find the practical answers that enable you to live your best life.

Back to My First Love

Where to from here?  Well, it’s really a change of perspective and a re-direction of energy. Will I still be a coach and mentor – absolutely. I would die if I wasn’t, but I’m also a grassroots person and for me, that means engaging with women where they are. That’s out there in Facebook-land just as I am.

Like a good coach I have a goal, a plan and that is to connect with more of you in community. This has given birth to Spirited Women a VIP closed group on Facebook where I can bring value, provide community and give encouragement to many more of you than I am currently able to do.

Once I made that decision over the weekend and put it ‘out there’, I felt a sense of ‘clicking back into place’ happen within me and I realised that I was back in the flow with my true passion and purpose – YOU!

To be a part of building an awesome community visit here Spirited Women and I’ll see you in there soon.

My best thoughts for you,