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Let me be the catalyst for breakthrough and change in your journey.

‘What an eye opener workshop (Marked by Passion) this was for my husband and I. We were tired, stressed, and feeling guilty about not spending enough time with our kids, and wasting time doing pointless activities. We also discovered that our time personally and as a family was hugely over-committed. We made some strategic changes which have reduced our stress and made a big difference to our family relationships’

Deborah, Tauranga, Workshop Attendee

“I found Fiona to be very warm and caring in a genuine way. She is a very good listener and always endeavored to make me feel worthwhile. She was very patient with her time and would always give positive feedback, ideas to try and ways in which I could try to do them, also ensuring I felt okay about doing these. Fiona would also follow up between appointments to see how I was, which was comforting. Fiona patiently worked with me to set me on the right path of self-worthiness and gave me direction in my life”.  Pat, Tauranga

Fiona’s incredible ability to see the ‘big picture’ and workable solutions to seemingly overwhelming issues is unsurpassed. Her generosity and kindness with time and advice let me swim when otherwise I would’ve sunk for sure. Thank you Fiona!’

Anya Fischer, Clear Design Jewellery, Tauranga, Principal

‘I call Fiona my other mum! She’s been a solid rock in my life and I can’t thank her enough for all the wisdom she’s shared with me and for all the guidance I’ve received from her. She’s always spot on and always leave me inspired and excited. I can’t recommend Fiona enough. She’s amazing!’

Venessa Smart, Wedding Story, Palmerston North, Principal

Fiona is the accountability partner and encourager that every start up business needs’.

Jay Hart, Careers with Hart, Tauranga, Principal

“I do not know how to put into words how great it is to have a mentor/life coach like Fiona. It has helped me move forward in each area of my life to keep it brief. I love having her to keep me accountable and stick to my goals. It has to be the best way to regularly self evaluate to get that constant drive and encouragement. I have learnt what success looks like in my life, how to get it and how to stick to it. I understand more of who I am, where my passion is and what to go after. Yeah I could write a novel. Thank you Fiona xxx  Rachel, Tauranga

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