About Fiona

Hi, my name is Fiona Dieleman and I’m a personal coach and mentor but I like to think of myself as more of a life strategist.  I’ve been described as someone who paints possibilities and hope into people’s lives with my words, and helps you to apply strategies and principles in a practical way to make a difference in your life.

As a personal coach I work with women who are ready to fling open the doors of growth and opportunity in their lives. Women who want to step into their potential and lead effective, productive and satisfying lives. Women who want to discover their passion and become purposeful.  Women who want to overcome and push through the hard situations in their lives.

As a mom, grandmother, wife, experienced mentor to women with oodles of life and business experience I can help you grow into your best life and empower you to build a great small business. When I’m not working I love hanging out with hubby, reading and spending time with my grandson and amazing daughters. 

  • I help you to discover the goodness and truth about yourself in a way that brings growth and transformation.
  • I teach you how to practically apply keys and principles that make for good living.
  • I bring encouragement, focus, clarity and practical implementation around your dreams and goals.
  • I help you to understand what you carry inside of you and how to outwork that in a purposeful and satisfying way.
  • I help you breakthrough the barriers that are holding you back in life.

If you’re ready to change your world then let’s chat. Take advantage of my 20 minute FREE life coaching session. We can get to know one another and decide if we’re a good match. Drop me a line below, and I’ll get back to you quickly. You can also get in touch on our Facebook page. 

Past and Present Me

I have two grown daughters and one adorable 2 year old grandson with he and his Mum living with us. Both girls are studying this year, one doing a Bachelor in Counselling and the other as a Vet’s Assistant. We live in the very beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand close to beaches and bush. This year I am doing study on Social Psychology.

For 7 years, I owned and worked in a small business with hubby, tripling its turnover into 6 figures, before selling it. We both currently work from home and co-own another business together that services the transport industry. After selling our business I went on to obtain a Diploma in Life Coaching. My career experience has included adult training, workshop designing and presentation, small group facilitation, administration, financial and event management roles, sales and customer service. I’ve led workshops in assertiveness training, self esteem building and workplace communication.  Some of my other qualifications include workplace training, leadership, goal setting and time management, and sales and I’ve served in several community groups over the years.


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