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Life Coach vs Girlfriend – Keeping it Objective

Life is never smooth sailing. Sometimes you can navigate over the bumps or around the obstacles by yourself, but there are times when you desperately need that someone to talk to that isn’t your best friend or your mum. You’re looking for someone you can trust who is objective, will kick your butt when you need it and download some good old fashioned common sense and practical solutions to you.

Perhaps you have dreams you want to achieve or changes you want to navigate. As a mentor or life coach, I’m here to help you grow your best self and your best life.  I ask the right questions and give you the right tools to pull the best out of you and transform your situation.

As a mentor and coach clients love my easy, informal and conversational style. They regularly experience shifts in their perspectives and mind sets that lead to breakthroughs and new seasons in their lives.

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Christian Life Coach for New Zealand Women

Coaching and mentoring women is part of who I am on a daily basis. It’s part of my everyday conversations. I love to motivate, inspire and pass on wisdom and plain old commonsense that helps New Zealand women be the bold, adventurous tall poppies that they are. 

I offer personal coaching and mentoring face to face with women in the Tauranga area, or via Skype to the rest of New Zealand.


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“I do not know how to put into words how great it is to have a mentor/life coach like Fiona. It has helped me move forward in each area of my life to keep it brief. I love having her to keep me accountable and stick to my goals. It has to be the best way to regularly self evaluate to get that constant drive and encouragement. I have learnt what success looks like in my life, how to get it and how to stick to it. I understand more of who I am, where my passion is and what to go after. Yeah I could write a novel. Thank you Fiona xxx  Rachel, Tauranga


“I found Fiona to be very warm and caring in a genuine way. She is a very good listener and always endeavored to make me feel worthwhile. She was very patient with her time and would always give positive feedback, ideas to try and ways in which I could try to do them, also ensuring I felt okay about doing these. Fiona would also follow up between appointments to see how I was, which was comforting. Fiona patiently worked with me to set me on the right path of self-worthiness and gave me direction in my life”.  Pat, Tauranga