Raising up a company of Spirited Women

Women of strength, wisdom, prosperity, and purpose who dream of being a people of influence in their environment, and Kingdom builders who bring heaven down to earth.

Fiona Dieleman

Mentor, Motivator, Encourager and Commonsense Coach

Join our closed Facebook group Spirited Women. A community of women with a desire to be women of impact and influence with their lives.  It’s a great place for encouragement, sharing your journey and receiving support. 

Mentoring You on Your Journey

Life is never smooth sailing. Our journey in God can be both exhilarating and challenging. Sometimes you can navigate over the bumps or around the obstacles by yourself.  At other times you desperately need that someone to talk to that will point you in the right direction or help you bring clarity and certainty. You’re looking for someone you can trust who is objective. Someone who will kick your butt when you need it, download some good old fashioned common sense, and work with you to find some practical solutions or strategies.

Perhaps you have dreams you want to achieve or the changes you want to navigate. As a mentor or coach, I’m here to help you grow your best self in God – a woman full of strength, wisdom, prosperity, and purpose. I ask the right questions and give you the right tools to pull the best out of you and transform your situation and lead you towards a breakthrough.


Christian Life Coach for New Zealand Women

Coaching and mentoring women is part of who I am on a daily basis. It’s part of my everyday conversations. I love to motivate, inspire and pass on wisdom and plain old commonsense that helps New Zealand women be the bold, purposeful, women of God they are called to be. 

“You are a forward-looking encourager who speaks possibilities and hope into people’s lives. You paint pictures for them with your words and when you say things people get it”.  (Testimonial)


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